Nina Krystoń

Practice, entrepreneur, promoter of a strategic approach combining business, HR, CSR and internal communication. Certified HR Business Partner Manager, coach and trainer with economic education with specialization in management psychology. For 10 years, project manager of development and social ventures, mentor, educator in the field of personal development and corporate social responsibility.

Aleksandra Jańdziak

"We know so much about ourselves, how much have we've been checked" - A quote from the poem by W. Szymborska is very close to me.
Every day I face situations that check my patience, sensitivity and level of empathy. For the past years I have been involved in media sector and implementation of artistic ventures. Activities in non-governmental organizations were an addition to my professional life. Today I am changing these proportions. I use my previous experience while working as a community organizer. I cooperated with the Rak'n'Roll Foundation, DKMS. I am one of the creators of the Zupa initiative in Kato inspired by Krakow's Zupa na Plantach.
I like to be close to people and their everyday life. Prove that you can be beautifully differentiate and work together.

Olaf Józefoski

A graduate of Individual Interfaculty Studies at the University of Silesia, master of cultural studies and revalidation pedagogy. Actor in the theater group LPT Creatorium in Koszutka, group PRYM-ART and in the theater collective Lufcik na Korbkę from Gliwice. President of the Wolna Herbata Association and a member of the Regional Institute Association.

Active on many levels, most often within the framework of activities for environmental protection, culture and social integration. Winner of the title of "Local hero" in 2017.

Interested primarily in philosophy, psychology, art, travel and literature.

Asia Rippel

law student, associated with the Common Thing Foundation from January 2017, where responsible for the promotion of the organization and coordination of the InVolvE project. In the summer of 2017, under the care of the Pan Pikto PR Agency as part of Project Charity, conducted a dialogue between representatives of around 10 non-governmental organizations to create a platform allowing mutual promotion of events organized by the third sector in Upper Silesia.