Community Organizing

Community organizing in Ruda Śląska

The project is supported by Towarzystwo Inicjatyw Twórczych Ę as part of the Generator of Innovation. Support Network.

Few facts about the project


Ruda Śląska

especially Halemba District


march – july


Key activities

Innovation involves the use and adaptation of community organizing method to work with caretakers of elderly & dependent. The CO method is about engaging people for joint actions to improve living conditions. The European Community Organizing Network distinguishes 4 steps of community organizing:


focused on interviews with caretakers of elderly & dependent about their problems and ideas for solving them; also search people who want to get involved in further activities


based on the diagnosis made at the previous stage and the gathering of willing people, the group selects 1 to 2 problems of caretakers of elderly & dependent that could be addressed and research the possibilities of solutions


based on a action plan previously developed to solve the problem


 including caretakers of elderly & dependent to build a strong group capable of solving many problems of ever greater scale.

The basis of the CO method is to support people in the process of solving their own problems, but not doing anything for them. Caretakers of elderly & dependent themselves decide on the nature of the activities, about the choice of problems and the ways to solve them, about the shape and principles of the group. The activities of the group and members are intensively, especially in the first period, supported by the community organizer.

The CO method has so far been used in working with residents of housing estates in Katowice. The innovators adapted it to the specifics of the group caretakers of elderly & dependent.


  • Recognition of the group of recipients and preparation of community organizers to work with a specific recipient
  • Identification of problems and suggested solutions for caretakers of elderly & dependent in Ruda Śląska and selecting local leaders who at a further stage (after testing) could become part of 2 groups working on the basis of the CO method.
  • The answer to the question whether using the CO method with this group can work. Whether individual CO tools like conducting interviews, group meetings, meetings with representatives of the authorities have the right to exist with caretakers of elderly & dependent.

Target group

Ultimate recipients are caretakers of elderly & dependent from Ruda Śląska – people who during the listening process will be selected as potential leaders of further activities. These will be people who will take part in a summary meeting where the diagnosis report will be forwarded. It is a group of 12 to 20 people.

The indirect participants are the elderly, including the elderly dependents and people who help the elderly and their families, who will also be invited to the summary meeting. It is a group of about 20 – 30 people – they are among others members of the Senior Council in Ruda Śląska and people with whom interviews were conducted during the listening stage.

Potential users are NGOs selected through the help of an expert at the stage of work on the innovation specification.

For more information reach

Dagmara Kubik

tel: 618 128 018