“To be a man is (...) to be aware, when setting one stone, that you are building a world.”

Antoine de Saint Exupéry “Wind, Sand and Stars”


Our mission

is to encourage grassroots initiatives and support citizen groups eager to act for their communities and environment.
We’re achieving our goal by applying three participatorial instruments such as social campaigns, community organising and civic education. The foundation of our work is the idea of partnership of people from different backgrounds: townspeople, activists, local governments and private sector.

We care for the growth of civil society movement. We address our actions to groups which desire to determine and accomplish their goals independently, focused on the idea of common good.


Our projects


What have we accomplished?

Since establishment of Common Thing Foundation, thanks to our support 6 social initiatives were created and approximately 20 local leaders has emerged.

We estimate that the total number of beneficiaries of the Foundation's activities is about 2,500 people.

These numbers are constantly increasing.

We also published a Guide through employee volunteering in Silesia "Kopalnia Aktywności. Przewodnik i dobre praktyki po wolontariacie pracowniczym w województwie śląskim" (PL version available)

and a report "Sytuacja opiekunów osób starszych zależnych. Raport z bezpośrednich konsultacji w Rudzie Śląskiej" (PL version available)





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Date of establishment



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Our Partners

Common Thing Foundation is a member of European Community Organizing Network.

We have been fruitfully cooperating with various business entities and NGOs, creating networks and partnerships based on common trust and respect (see Mine of Activity, Silesian Activist Network projects).

We also take part in european strategic partnerships, exchanging knowledge and creating growth of civic development on an international scale (see InVolvE project).