Mine Of Activity



Our project is focused on increasing the level of active participation of heavy industry employees (particularly employed in KOPEX and FAMUR groups) in lives of their communities.

Kopalnia aktywności is a project in which employees of silesian companies (FAMUR Group and KOPEX Group) gain access to informal education, at the same time growing their competence to introduce social change. By engaging in corporate volunteering, participants will have the opportunity to carry out their own micro-projects, with support of our expert advisors.

Our main goal is to inspire and create favourable setting for initiating ideas, congruent with actual needs of the community. Our activity is executed by Fundacja Rzecz Społeczna, in partnership with Stowarzyszenie Chcemy Pomóc and Fundacja TDJ within the framework of Civic Initiative Fund (FIO).

Few facts about the project:


75 998 zł

including funding from Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy: 67 148 zł


07 – 11

2016         2017



Silesian voivodeship

Key activities


In total 40h for 20 people, including communication workshops, social diagnosis, design thinking or managing change.


Ensuring individual approach to participants in appointing their goals, assigning resources and planning social activities.


Together with NGOs from outside of our project (for instance local NGOs)


Carrying out 5 micro-projects ensuing for local communities


Code of good practice, know-how and inspirations to start social activity.

Thanks to this project:

  • Participants gain space for action by generating and fulfilling new ideas as well as combining professional work with community work.
  • They may contribute to solving significant problems for their community’s progress
  • They discover ideas implemented in other places in Poland and also in other countries
  • They feel more connected with their locality and workplace – which is perceived by them as well as by the environment, as an inspiring place in which new and exciting ideas are invented
  • The are members of a community that is developing faster – since growth of social capital is driven by cooperation and mutual trust.

The FAMUR Group is a unique place where many years of tradition and experience intersect with innovations that change our reality. We are open to young, ambitious people whose non-standard ideas and engagement, also in the area of broadly understood CSR, will allow us to achieve common successes. We are a diverse team, distinguished by passion and the desire to take on the biggest challenges. For our part, we want to build a community of employees based on values and enable them to achieve both professional and personal successes.
Participation in the project „Mine of activity” and development of local community leaders perfectly fits into the implementation of our Mission and Values, which allow us to be perceived as a trustworthy partner in relation to the Clients, Employees, Stakeholders and Communities among whom we operate.

Mirosław Bendzera

President of the board FAMUR S.A.

The TDJ Foundation was established to support the TDJ community – in particular, children of employees of companies associated with the TDJ Group, including Famur Group companies – in their development and education process, at the same time encouraging social activity. The „Activity Mine” project is an opportunity for Famur Group employees to participate in interesting initiatives and social activities that change their surroundings for the better. For this reason, from the very beginning we wanted to support this project with our knowledge and experience.

Oliwia Kwiatkowska

President of the board of TDJ Foundation

The main goal of the „Chcemy pomóc” Association is to help those who want to help others and organize and help for the general community, which is why we are in this project. We have been educating and supporting those who see others around us for years. We are a platform for understanding that connects people, business and NGOs. We operate on the cross-sectoral level, promoting and implementing social programs based on volunteering, which develops competences, teaches responsibility, encourages positive thinking and creativity in action. „Mine of Activity” is a project in which by implementing actions for the benefit of others, everyone has a chance to find something special for themselves.

Nina Krystoń, 

President of „Chcemy Pomóc” Association


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Project implemented by Common Thing Foundation


Project cofinanced by Civic Initiative Fund Programme