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Community Organizing in the Silesian Climate Movement

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Silesian Climate Movement

The Silesian Climate Movement (SCM) is a grassroots, non-hierarchical, regionally-based activist network formed in early 2020 after the COP24 conference held in Katowice, Poland. WYRK was formed to counter the inaction, myopia and denialism of local authorities and the government on the climate crisis, and has since been working together with other organizations, both locally and nationally, in the belief that it is high time to network and collaborate to grow stronger and change reality.

Climate issues are becoming a hot topic, and the number of denialists is slowly starting to “melt away,” so this is a very good time to both campaign and motivate people to join. The 2019 survey shows that almost all Poles know that taking care of environmental safety is a constitutional duty of the authorities (Article 74 of the Constitution). At the same time, almost 60% of Poles see climate change as a real threat to themselves and their loved ones. Renewable energy is the fuel of the future for three-quarters of PO voters (76%) and half of the leading party’s electorate (53%).

Target groups

People working within the Silesian Climate Movement and all those interested in acting against climate change in Silesia.

Key activities

Build structures that are democratic, inclusive and long-lasting, and support in selecting effective methods of operation.

Concern for building an interest group around SRK and a steady flow of new people whose fresh perspective has the potential to strengthen the organization.

Strengthening the personal development of SRK members, enhancing their leadership skills, seeking motivation, common interest.

Building relationships with other climate and environmental movements and local and national organizations.

Shared and joint systematic evaluation of the organization’s construction with all members.

Thanks to this project

  • The Silesian Climate Movement will go from strength to strength as an organization both in terms of increasing its structures and opportunities for influence
  • thanks to the activities of the Silesian Climate Movement, a network of organizations working for the environment and climate in Silesia will be created, enabling them to support each other
  • in Silesia, as a strategic region for Poland, the public voice on the topic of fair energy transition and pro-climate solutions will be strengthened
  • a large group of strong leaders capable of acting for the benefit of their communities will be assembled within the Silesian movement
  • the demands of climate and environmental organizations will complement and support each other

More information about the project

Dagmara Kubik
Telefon: +48 668 128 018
E-mail: dagmara@rzeczspoleczna.pl

The project “Community Organizing in the Silesian Climate Movement” is funded by the European Climate Foundation.