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Let’s organize! Improving the skills of community organizers in Poland

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The European Community Organizing – ECON, Civil College, Col·lectiu Eco-Actiu

The changing reality requires continuous improvement of one’s skills and building strong and proven networks. In order to combine these two needs, the Zorganizujmy się project was created – raising the competence of community organizers in Poland. It is a series of traveling trainings designed for our employees and volunteers. The trainings are organized by our carefully selected partners from all over Europe. Activities planned in this way allow not only to expand knowledge, learn new perspectives in community organizing, or master new techniques for working with communities, but also to make many invaluable contacts.

Target groups

The project is aimed at foundation staff, community organizers, community leaders, NGO activists, members of informal groups and social movements, and volunteers.

Key activities

Training series

A series of four training sessions at partners across Europe – Hungary, Slovakia, Spain. During which partner organizations will share expertise from their specialties.

Thanks to this project

  • Participants in the trainings will receive knowledge and a set of good practices, showing the different faces of community organizing and group work,
  • the on-site and off-site nature of the trainings will provide an opportunity for networking that will bear fruit in future activities.

More information about the project

Michał Skrzyński
E-mail: michal@rzeczspoleczna.pl

The project is co-financed by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme