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Organising in crisis – development of soft and online competences of community organisers from Europe and blended educational tools 

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European Community Organizing - ECON, Center for Community Organizing, Civic College, Serbia on the Move, Community Organizers LTD, Fundatia Centrul de Resurse pentru participare publica - CeRe

“Crisis” – a word that has been used in all cases recently. The climate crisis, the democracy crisis, the pandemic crisis and its aftermath are just some of the challenges we face as individuals and as a society. Community organizing (CSO) can play a key role in uniting those willing to act in their local communities and counter the effects of crises. Gathering experience in working with groups (both our own and those of our foreign partners), we saw the need to develop the tools needed for this. This is how the “Organizing in crisis” project was born, with the aim of supplying community organizers and volunteers who would like to become professional educators with practical skills, knowledge and tools, so that they will be better prepared to work with underprivileged people at risk of social exclusion. These tools will enable them to empower, educate and support ordinary citizens in a more professional and effective way (including in an online format).

Target groups

The project is aimed at community organizers, community leaders, NGO activists, members of informal groups and social movements, and volunteers.

Key activities

Curriculum for adult educators
The project will develop a modular curriculum that can be adapted to different contexts, conditions (offline/online) and needs of different target groups, including vulnerable groups. Each module will include detailed plans for educational sessions and activities (e.g., conflict resolution, dialogue and facilitation in education, counteracting passivity, inclusion of marginalized groups, effective campaign building, etc.).

Educational game
As part of the project, we will develop a serious online game (social simulation) focused on community organizing. The use of this type of tool is still rare in adult education, although it has proven to be extremely effective in the learning process due to its engaging nature. Simulations are superior to passive lecture methods and allow participants not only to impart specific knowledge, but also to share it, learn about other perspectives and worldviews, test themselves in a specific situation and look ahead to observe the long-term effects of their actions.

Learning and training activities
The project has planned three major trainings for community organizers and volunteers, organized by the Social Thing Foundation, Civil College from Hungary and Community Organizers LTD from the UK.

Dissemination activities
Each partner organization will organize a 2-day workshop to promote and disseminate the project’s results. The training will focus on group and community organizing. Special emphasis will be placed on the climate crisis and creating community campaigns.

More information about the project

Magdalena Kuczowic
Phone: +48 696 221 429
E-mail: magda@rzeczspoleczna.pl

The project is co-financed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union